the om couple is our space + platform for sharing our philosophies, ideas, strategies, people, products and places that help in our own conscious evolution as individuals, as a couple and as a family. we are always in search of conscious wisdom for parenting, health, lifestyle, movement, energetics, holistic travel, raising confident children, world healing, connection, nature, contribution + sustainability. although we are both deeply committed to personal evolution, we want to mindfully share our journey together as a couple and as a family. we hope you feel throughout all of our communications, our commitment to integrity, love, authenticity and peace.


ric + leanne jacobs

we're so grateful you are connecting with us! we are two creative empaths who have a deep passion for helping heal the planet. we created the om couple to share our passion for collective consciousness, holistic living, organic nutrition, music, fashion, simplicity parenting, mindfulness, family travel, yoga, energy healing + more. ric's album 'one life' is gearing up for launch and leanne's book 'beautiful money' is making its way global. 

for more on ric, visit ricjacobslive.com

for more on leanne, visit leannejacobs.com